Most Durable Earbuds

10 Best Durable Earbuds

One of the most common complaints about earbuds is that they don’t last. Even the expensive ones tend to break after only a few months of use, and then when another pair is bought the cycle starts all over again. Store bought headphones tend to either be incredibly cheap in both quality and price or incredibly expensive, some of which are also cheap in quality.

So how do you find good, durable, affordable earbuds? The internet is one option. Searching on a site like Amazon enables you to narrow down your search by earbud type, company, price, keyword, and even quality level or level of popularity. There, you can find everything from earbuds for athletes to earbuds for toddlers who are notorious for putting every object given to them into their mouths.

But there are earbuds specially designed for durability. Here are ten of the best, arranged in order of popularity and average positive review:

1: Ear Waxed Pro-Cast Tangle Free Earbuds with Mic These earbuds feature a flat cord, which helps to eliminate the obnoxious tangling that is all too common to corded earbuds. These have a built in microphone for answering and closing calls without ever having to take them out of your ears, which is quite a convenient feature for those who find that multitasking is an important part of their lives. Each unit comes with three different sizes of ear pads so that the individual user can find a customized, comfortable fit. They are noise cancelling, so whether you are using them while you exercise, relax, or just around the home, you can be sure that nothing will disturb you during your relaxation or if you are taking a call.

2: Skullcandy Ink’d 2 PVZ Headphone Earbuds with Mic Part of the ever popular Skullcandy brand, these earbuds feature a durable flat cable that will not only last, it will do so without becoming a tangled mess. On the cable, there is a single-button in line remote that can not only take and make calls, it can play and pause music to ensure maximum enjoyment. Instead of having to wrap the cord around something when putting it away, these earbuds’ cord can simply be folded and stored in a pocket or bag. They have soft silicone ear gels that conform to the shape of your ear and feature attractive, stylish designs.

3: JVC HAEBX5W In-Ear Headphone These earbuds feature a sleek, minimalist design with a good amount of power and durability hiding inside. They are noise-isolating for those that prefer to listen to their music or videos without the distraction of outside noise, and they are energy star certified. With an over the ear design, these earbuds are built not only to last, but to stay in place while they are in use instead of slipping down and falling out of the ear. They have a soft rubber tip on the ear to provide complete comfort to users.

4: High Quality ADI Ear Buds While these earbuds are simple in design, they are powerful in sound and durability. They are able to compete even with the industry leaders in quality, and what they may lack in brand name marketability they make up for in price and value. They are highly durable, with high-def sound and one side longer than the other in order to tell which earbud goes in which ear. This can go a long way in ensuring quality of sound.

5: ProBuds In-Ear Premium Headphones These earbuds have an in-line microphone and volume control, which make them much easier to use in terms of versatility. If you have them plugged into your phone or music player and get a call or decide to adjust music volume, you can do so right from the earbud cord itself instead of having to reach into your pocket or bag for the actual device. The cable is durable and tangle free, which eliminates the need to wrap them around something when they are not in use. These earbuds come in an attractive, sleek design with soft rubber tips for a comfortable fit.

6:House of Marley EM-JE051-RA Chant Rasta Earbud Headphones These earbuds have not only a high sound quality, they are designed with the heavy user in mind. Instead of the cheap plastic that tends to plague the earbud industry, these are made of real wood, with the front being fashioned from aluminum. The cord, instead of being round and made of rubber and therefore easy to tangle, is coated in fabric to increase durability and to avoid becoming a tangled, broken mess. The sound is incredibly clear and crisp, and every part of these earbuds is sustainably sourced, which means that you never have to worry about where the parts are coming from or how they are manufactured.

7: Sony Premium In-Ear EX Series Earbud Headphones These earbuds feature an in-line remote and microphone, hands-free talking compatible with Android, and a tangle-free cord. The cord itself is serrated and not only tangle free, it is a full 1.2 meters long so that you can safely turn away from your device without worrying about ripping the headphones out of your ears. They come with a full range of tips, with four sizes so that you can adjust to that perfect fit. Each tip is made of a soft rubber that provides comfort and durability to the user, and they maximize the sound quality while eliminating background and outside noise. These particular earbuds are also compatible with the SmartKey app, which allows users to personalize the remote settings and to determine what each individual button does.

8: Atomic Floyd PowerJax +Remote Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone These earbuds are high-quality, high-sound, professional level music listening devices with a penchant for providing you with excellent sound and incredible durability. Not only do the soft, silicone tips filter away all outside and ambient noise, they prevent the music r sound from escaping from the earbuds. This ensures that your music will not bother those around you, and that the noise around you will never drown out your music. To fully illustrate the durability of these earbuds, understand that the fact that they are made of gold, steel, titanium, and Kevlar ensures that while music trends may fade away, your sound never will. Each tip is designed to conform to the shape of your ear canal for both maximum comfort and maximum sound quality.

9: YouthCamp ABG-S500I 3.5mm Headphones, In-Ear earbuds These earbuds can honestly boast that they offer supreme sound quality and durability. The cord is “wrapped” in a crisscrossing outer layer to prevent tangling and breakage, and each set comes with multiple sizes of tips to make sure that you get the custom fit that makes all the difference. The cord contains a remote with a play/pause button to prevent twisting and stretching when reaching for the device to play or pause the music, and each earbud is coated in a protective metal layer.

10: Classical Major 9’13 Earphones By Chord & Major While these earbuds are definitely on the more expensive end of the list, they are well worth it. Each earbud has its own individual tonal monitor, which makes these ideal for listening to classical music. The earbuds themselves are made of stainless steel, which is known for its durability. On top of the stainless steel is rosewood, which offers another protective layer against the world and the delicate inner workings of each earbud. Each set comes with a carrying case, a cord winder, a cleaning brush, and three sizes of ear tips to ensure that snug, comfortable fit. A carrying case protects these earbuds from the elements when they are not in use, a cord winder wraps up the cord nicely so that it does not tangle and break, and a cleaning brush increases the lifespan of the earbuds by preventing earwax and other buildup. The steel and the wood make the sound bounce through these nicely, helping them to give the music a warm, authentic feel.

11: Premium Durable Metallic Sound Isolating Earphones Earbuds These earbuds are perfect for someone looking for something both basic and long-lasting. Their durability comes from the compact metallic outer shell, and their long-lasting quality sound comes from neodymium magnetic material. They eliminate outside noise, they isolate the sound for a pure music experience, and they sit comfortably inside the ear canal so as to allow the user to listen at lower volumes, which is much better for the eardrum.

But how do I choose? Each of these earbuds is an excellent choice. All of them offer superior quality sound and durability, some of them even going as far as to have flat cords or some sort of extra coating on the cords to prevent tangling and breakage. Many of them offer both noise cancelling and noise isolation, and so one of the main factors to look at is price. These headphones range in price to almost store-bought to something you might hear about in hip-hop songs, and so it is important to choose an affordable set for your budget.

Another factor to look at is overall durability. Do you really need something that can stand up to all types of weather and wear and tear, or are you simply looking for something with a tangle-free cord? How long do you want your headphones to last? Answering these questions can be extremely helpful in not only making a choice, but making a choice you are happy and satisfied with.